What can I do on social media?

What can I do on social media?

Many people are isolated and rarely interact beyond their immediate friendship groups. However, social media allows individuals to find things beyond their immediate friends. If they see it on social media they are likely to engage and begin considering the ideas that they find. You can see this happening by looking at popular social media accounts like; Clevver on Youtube, Huda Kattan on Instagram, or Barack Obama on Facebook. These individuals all run extremely popular accounts on social media – and they are called ‘influencers.’

Influencers is a term used to describe
people that have a large ‘following.’ Following describes the number of people
that follow them on any particular platform. These influencers can be hired to
talk about things like makeup, food, or experiences. For example, Clevver runs
several channels that seek out unique experiences that they think their
audience have never done before. Influencers will share content with their
community and the community – trusting the reputation of the influencer – will
go out to buy that product. Christian communities looking to engage with social
media can reach out to these influencers to come and film some content with

Influencers want to share things that they
think their community will find interesting. They may want to interview people
of the church and ask them questions. They may also prefer to come and ‘vlog’ a
day at a church service. Vlog refers to a video blog in which the influencer
films their day and shares it with the community. Viewers like to see this
content as it is a way for them to test out whether it is something that they
would like to do.

You can also interact with other people’s
posts or videos by commenting or responding to them. You can comment on a
facebook, youtube or instagram post by using the chat option beneath the post.
Friendly debate and discussion is encouraged in many communities, as social
media aims to bring together many viewpoints. However, exercise caution when
discussing with others as you don’t want to reveal personal information to

On YouTube you can also make a video in
response to another video. This is good as it allows others to understand your
view point and helps them to empathise with you. You can also build a following
by producing orginal videos and sharing them to your account. People will use
the search function on youtube to find videos with keywords, so you should
write a descriptive title to help others find your video.

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