The Birmingham Proclamation

The Birmingham Proclamation

All Are Invited to Sign The Birmingham Proclamation,
Clergy Especially

As you all know, CEC For Life has been working diligently to
stop a brand new Planned Parenthood in Birmingham.  As part of those
efforts, we have focused on developing unity among local pastors through the
Metro Birmingham Life Forum, a local leadership forum we helped create several
years ago.

God has blessed those efforts immensely, with local Birmingham pastors beginning to unite and speak out against the expansion of abortion in our city with new energy and a true burden for the preborn. Out of this new unity came a bold statement of faith: The Birmingham Proclamation.

With over one hundred local pastors, clergy and ministers signed on, this Proclamation expresses clear opposition to abortion in the state of Alabama and the city of Birmingham, especially in the case of this new Planned Parenthood being constructed downtown. 

The Proclamation also calls for unity among churches and encourages the Christian community to continue being a refuge for the preborn and their mothers and fathers.

To further facilitate that unity, we have opened The Birmingham Proclamation up to everyone!  We are inviting pastors, clergy, ministers, pro-life leaders and praying citizens from across the nation to sign on and show your support of all life, and your opposition to the abortion industry — no matter where you live.

Our hope is that this Proclamation will serve as a model for other cities
across America, inspiring each to declare their city “a sanctuary for preborn
children and pregnant mothers.” If you are a pro-life leader interested in
seeing that happen in your city, contact us at CEC For Life!

To find out more and SIGN THE PROCLAMATION, click here.

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