Primates Council Spring 2020 Meets in San Clemente

Primates Council Spring 2020

The Charismatic Episcopal Church of North American Primates Council Spring 2020 met from 10-12 March 20202 at the Saint Michaels Cathedral in San Clemente, California. 

Archbishop Craig Bates, led morning eucharist each day, followed by intercession.  Setting aside time for prayers and time to hear the Holy Spirit for the meeting and the direction ahead.

Don Davis for, TUMI was selected to be the keynote speaker for the 2020 Clergy Convocation in New York.

CEC for Life reports for the activities of the past year were presented.

The Council will release a statement on the Coronvrius.

Bishop Bates encouraged the use of Zoom web meetings at the diocesan level. The video conference tools in a great asset to keep in contact for great distances.

Discussion on ecumenical relations, the criteria used, and how to proceed was discussed.

Our 30th anniversary as communion is coming up on 26 June 2022.  Considerations for a plan to celebrate this event will be made.

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