Pandemic hits CEC in the Philippines

Deacon Julian Pastor

The pandemic became real for members of the CEC of South Luzon, Philippines.  The Rev. Deacon Julian Pedro M. Pastor, passed on April 4 at 10 p.m. from the Corona Virus.  He was born in Batangas City on December 4, 1957 at the age of 62.  Dn. Pastor was known as Dn. Nito. 

Dn. Nito was a recovering drug addict who entered the drug rehabilitation program under the Cathedral of the King.  During his stay in the facility, he encountered Jesus and his life changed forever.  He became part of the CEC in Batangas City in October of 2001.  While there he helped the Church find a piece of land which was eventually owned by the Church.  He served in the Church as a guitarist.  He was a song leader and lead Bible Studies.  He became a successful businessman and the incumbent Batangas City Councilor. 

Dn. Nito will be missed.  But we know that he is now in the presence of Jesus praying for us.

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