Mercy Funds at Work



Bishop Hannington recently wrote us to report of the floods. If you were able to give the CEC Missions last All Saints Sunday, you had a part in helping them out in this tragedy.

Bishop Hannington Writes: I am glad to say that God is good..

I am extremely thankful to God for sparing the life of my brother Eliphazi Nyamayabo. May being a heavy-rain-month, I was woken at around 4.00 am by phone call after the phone call that people were perishing in floods in Busunga Town Council.
People were woken up by water under their beds and those in very weak houses were just seeing their houses crumbling.
Soon our Mount Zion School and our Busunga CEC buildings became a refuge for hundreds of families since it is built on a hilly ground.

The walls of my brother Eliphaz’s house gave way and he found himself in the rapidly-running floods. His children were saved by remaining on the beds. My maids, beans, and banana plantations were rundown by the waters.
This puts me and many other people in a very difficult time of great famine. This is the food that was our hope for the rest of this year, but it is now all washed away.

The pain in this is that we have lost our food gardens at a time that in spite of having no money-savings, we had exhausted all our food reserves in the Coronavirus shutdown. That being that, I still praise God that He has saved the lives of those who were caught up in the eye of the danger that has taken the lives of some of our soldiers who were on border night-guard.

Please pray for those who have been displaced by the floods along the MT Ruwenzori region in Kasese and Bundibugyo
God bless

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