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an anniversary review

It all began with a dream, a calling, a mission and a vision. Looking back at the early years of the COTK (then known as “Christian Life Fellowship”), the youth ministry was on fire in every work needed in the Kingdom. Youth then (parents now) weren’t ashamed of the Gospel. They went out on crusades, stepped into buses to preach, conducted street plays, and were constantly on the move. But as years went by, and as we geared to a more liturgical path, the next generation of youth was somehow faced with confusion, doubt, anxiety and hopelessness.

However, inside the dark tunnel of confusion was a speck of light beaming at the lost soul, whispering in his ear, “My child, I am with you. Wait on Me, you’ll see”. The year was 2009 when several young men of the church were united by God to rekindle a stagnant flame. It was a time when the youth was active yet separated because of diversity, having no sense of direction. It was a time when young people feared the world and lived day by day with different interpretations of their calling. Back then, the young men called by God had no idea on how to begin, so He continued to speak “Let go of what you don’t know. Cast your cares on Me, and take a step of faith. I will work with you”. Truly, it was God on the move. On July 24, 2009 the youth fellowship was born.

Through the years, the youth ministry engaged in various activities with the common goal of equipping the next generation to be future leaders of the church. The ministry conducted activities that catered both internally and externally, such as sportsfests, weekly bible studies, cell group programs, outreach activities, as well as immersion into more work for the Church.

Today, AliveYouth celebrates 11 years of God’s faithfulness. The ministry continues to carry out the vision of CHRIST ALIVE IN EVERYONE, with the mission to equip the next generation to be pillars of the Church. We are proud to say that we are one with the Charismatic Episcopal Church, as we have recently united and realigned with our Territorial body (CEC PH Youth, known as YOUTHNITED).

Eleven years may have seemed like a walk in the park, but there were a lot of gloomy seasons too. Still, the grace of God was much greater than the shadows that seemed to have overwhelmed. Now that we are all locked down in our homes with no certainty of what tomorrow may bring, God’s grace runs deeper for us and gives us more opportunities to be Christ alive in everyone. We look forward to more and more years of growth – in number, in the richness of His word, and in faith. And of course, potentially more interaction and collaboration with our international body.

Almost a year ago, during the Territorial Convocation in August 2019, the flame of the elders was passed down to the youth as symbol that it is indeed our time. Echoing the words of Patriarch Bates, “the youth is not the future of the Church. They ARE the church”, may this season of global anxiety and pandemic be used to awaken the gifts and the calling of the youth. This is more than just a ministry, but this is a ministry that is grounded, centered and inspired by the unending grace of our Father.

Christ alive in everyone. This is AliveYouth.

Worship Leader/ AliveYouth Leader
Cathedral of the King, Diocese of Manila

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