Month: October 2018


CEC of Malawi fund raising

Archdeacon Fr. Victor Joseph Masangano, recently wrote of his Funding raising to support the visit of their Bishop. Dear and much beloved The supervising Bishop for The CEC of Malawi; The Most Rt. Reverend Bishop Sekelwa. Greetings from your church: …

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Seminary Graduates in Tanzania

Bishop Charles of Tanzania, recently wrote. Greetings from Tanzania,to the glory of God we have had our third graduation whereby six graduates made it to the end, they have graduated at our CEC TUMI Seminary. During the graduation ceremony we …

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All Saints Day, Missions Offering, 4 Nov 2018

We take a Missions and Development Offering each year on All Saints Sunday, the Sunday closest to 1 Nov (All Saints Day), this year it is 4 Nov. The Offering is taken up from CEC churches and individuals and then …

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Church in Kenya is getting its first roof

Bishop Eric Kamaari of Kenya recently wrote us a share the above photo. The people of his churches have been working this church for nearly 8 years, and today they are moving forward with the last phase. Installing a roof. …

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There is Gold in Goats

This is the goat project in the Kitui Diocese of Kenya under the management of Bishop Benard Matolo. A goat project may sound simple, but it also profitable and helpful. A goat is provided to a poor family with children. …

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